The Course

At the end of the course, students should be able to:
Understand the fundamentals of prostate anatomy and physiology. Identify and value the clinical symptoms and the laboratory/radiological/histopathological aspects of both benign and malignant prostate diseases. Learn about traditional treatments and innovations regarding the use of drugs and surgical interventions for BPH and prostate cancer.

• From March to December 2022.

Class Times

• Each lesson will be available for 5 days in order to provide an opportunity for students to rewatch them.


• Starting day: 15 March. Further classes take place every second Tuesday of each month.


• Classes are 30 minutes long with a 3-minute break. 3 lessons per date, 30 lessons and a 25-hours course.


• Certified by FASCAMP for those who have ≥ 85% of attendance and achieve >70% on the “quiz”.

CIMUON 2021 Demonstration Class

The Complete Course

The course is comprised of 25 hours, divided into 30 lessons.

There will be 3 classes per day, once a month, with a
question and answer session at the end of each meeting.

Subscribers will receive access links to each class.

Attendance will be monitored for certificate validation.

Don’t miss the registration period which will be from January 10th
to February 28th. Secure your spot!

BRL 2,980.00 in cash
or in up to 6 interest-free installments.

Consult the discounts according to each registration sign up option.

Course Coordinators

You will have access to a 25-hour course, with high-definition audiovisual material and Brazilian uro-oncology active specialists in Brazilian Oncology Urology.
Dr. Ubirajara Ferreira
CRM: 36963
Head Prof. of Oncological Urology
Head of the Department of Surgery at UNICAMP

Nominated by AD Scientific Index as:
#2 – Brazil
#2 – South America
#141 – World

Dr. Wagner Eduardo
CRM: 63344
Full Professor of Urology at UNICAMP
Dr. Marcelo Wroclawski
CRM: 112.990
Associate Coordinator of CIMU - Prostatology


Confira abaixo as perguntas e respostas das aulas. / Consulte las preguntas y respuestas de las clases a continuación.

Aula 01 - 09/03

Aula 02 - 09/03

Aula 03 - 09/03

Aula 01 - 23/03

Aula 02 - 23/03

Aula 03 - 23/03

Aula 01 - 13/04

Aula 02 - 13/04

Aula 03 - 13/04

Aula 01 - 13/07

Aula 02 - 13/07

Aula 03 - 13/07

Respostas Geral / Respuestas Generales


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Re-presentation of Class

Every class will be available for 24 hours after the live presentation. From 11:30 pm on the same day until 11:30 pm the next day. Enjoy the opportunity to rewatch!

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